Facebook Condones Videos of Execution

22nd October 2013

Facebook decided to ban videos of people being beheaded after complaints were raised that the clips could leave viewers with long-term psychological damage. However it has since retracted the decision claiming instead that viewers should watch clips of this nature and make up their own minds. Facebook originally condemned videos of this nature after the Family Online Safety Institute – a member of its Safety Advisory Board – complained that Facebook had “crossed a line”.

Ben explained the controversy on The Pulse earlier today:

David Cameron even got in on the Debate. Hear what he said here:

The story shocked the rest of the panel. They had this to say:

An interesting twist in this story is Facebook’s decision to continue to ban naked breasts with the exception of women who are breast-feeding. Ben explains this:

The reporters react:

The story brought up issues such as censorship and freedom of speech. The listeners were equally riled up by the debate. A few of the texts sent in to the show can be seen below:

I definitely agree you shouldn’t be allowed to post violent video’s on facebook From Sophia, Wimbledon

Can men put their nipples on Facebook?

The responsibility lies with the parents. Its not facebooks role to censor