Dr. Anjula Mutanda talks phobias, fears and superstitions this Halloween

31st October 2013

For Halloween we spoke to celebrity doctor Anjula Mutanda about children’s phobias, superstitions and how Halloween can help or hinder fears.

We first asked what are children’s biggest fears? And were surprised by the results!

Dr. Anjula then explained how and why children’s fears have altered over time.

We questioned whether childhood fears typically continue on to adulthood.

There is a significant difference between a fear and a phobia; we ask how severe fears can be and how much this can affect everyday life.

Dr. Anjula Mutanda tells us if there is a therapy to overcome phobias.

She also informs us about some rare superstitions and tries to convince us to ditch them!

Finally, we found out where Halloween fits into fears and phobias, and whether it’s beneficial or detrimental to children’s outlook.

If you were surprised by any of these results or have any comments then do post below.