12th November 2013


Here’s the first entry to our Christmas Countdown list! This week, we’re counting down with our favourite JOHN LEWIS CHRISTMAS ADVERTS!!!

At number 5, it’s the 2009 advert:

Song: ‘Sweet Child o’ Mine’ by Taken By Trees
Slogan: Remember how Christmas used to feel? Give someone that feeling.
Description: It’s very cute, featuring little kids playing with adult gifts such as a kindle and digital camera

At number 4, it’s the 2010 advert:

Song: ‘Your Song’ by Ellie Goulding
Slogan: For those who care about showing they care
Description: Essentially it’s just people wrapping and hiding presents but it’s definitely got the best soundtrack and slogan

At number 3, it’s the 2013 advert:

Song: ‘Somewhere only we know’ by Lily Allen
Slogan: Give someone a Christmas they’ll never forget
Description: A lot of hype about this one over social media. It’s a nice story but does require it’s viewers to have a basic understanding of a bear’s hibernation patterns

At number 2, it’s the 2012 advert:

Song: ‘The Power of Love’ by Gabrielle Aplin
Slogan: Give a little more love this Christmas
Description: A heart-warming story about a snowman and snow-woman. We think the snowman has left her, but in fact it turns out that he’s just popped over to John Lewis to buy her a scarf and beret. Such affectionate creatures, those snowmen, aren’t they?

But at number 1, our favourite John Lewis Christmas Advert is without a doubt this classic from 2011:

Song: ‘Please, Please, Please let me get what I want’ by Slow Moving Millie
Slogan: For gifts you can’t wait to give
Description: It’s all about a little boy who is anxiously waiting for Christmas. Whilst we all think that this is the case because he can’t wait to get his presents, it turns out that he in fact can’t wait to give his parents the present he’d got for them.

So there we have it, the 2011 John Lewis Christmas Advert officially becomes our first entry into the Jordan and Ben Christmas Countdown.Let us know what you think, have we made the wrong decision in your opinion? You can contact us using the Facebook and Twitter links provided on our show page.

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Until then people x