Day 25 – The Last Dash for the ‘Tache

25th November 2013

It’s the final week of Movember which means there are just days left for our presenters to smash out the biggest and best ‘tache they can, and what can I say; the results so far are enough to make Tom Selleck cry into a mirror with shame:

It seems the news about URN’s Movember spread overseas – even Hulk Hogan wanted to get involved (Oh no wait, sorry, my bad, that’s actually Ben Read):

Here’s George and Jamie, who have needed the air-con on during their last few shows – their mo’s have added at least 3 degrees to their body temperature:

And here’s Giles who actually had to send us two different photos just to fit his unruly bristles into the frame:

Who will be the URN Movember champion?! Will Jack and Matt be living the dream as mustachioed Disc Jockeys? Will Mikey bring back his Kilimanjaro facial glory? We’ll find out in 3 days…