Family Rain interview and session

27th November 2013

The fraternal three piece The Family Rain managed to find time in their busy tour schedule to pop by the URN studios to record 3 exclusive tracks and a catch up with an interview (see below). The band have currently released a string of singles, each more hard hitting then the last, with their album coming out in February 2014 the future’s looking bright for the Bath boys.

Having been thoroughly warmed up with their session in the studios the band played a roaring set at Rescue rooms in the evening. It’s clear they’ve honed their live act, with each one separately bringing charms to the performance whether it’s Will’s (Bass/lead vocals) suggestions to forget it’s Monday the next day and bring in the gig to a more intimate level, Oli (guitar) providing some raucous guitar solos or Tim (drums) giving some punch to songs such as “Reason to Die”. But it’s jointly the brothers really shine; the knowing smiles and nods as they provide extra jams during songs, the impeccable harmonies that swell their sound into something much bigger. Most of all, they have you in the palms of their hand throughout the gig – you become part of the family too.

Here’s the three song’s from the session:

The excellent guitar led Binocular

The blues laden Trust me I’m a Genius, already a confident set closer

Finally a lesser known acoustic White Marble Soup, only available for the Album’s Deluxe addition so a nice addition:

If wanting to learn the Family Rain’s favourite weather, their opinion on my poorly grown beard and their best Christmas present check out my interview (in 3 parts) below:
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Jack Wood with The Family Rain