The Final Mo-down (Part 1)

1st December 2013

30 days. A handful of URN presenters. Blood, sweat and tears. The odd worry that puberty hasn’t hit yet. More tears.

It’s the 1st of December which means Movember is over, and we can finally see the results of our mo-growers. Some of our contestants haven’t sent us their final mo-ses yet – we can only assume this is because they can’t stand up to get to their computer due to the sheer weight of their upper lip. Here are the Mo-ers who have sent us their efforts so far:

It’s not QUITE the jockey-mustachioed dream, but here are Jack and Matt’s admirable definitely-no-Photoshop-involved efforts:

Here’s Izzie who looks ready to be crowned Mo champion:

The only photo we’ve had so far of Joseph and Wojciech – this is just something they managed to knock up 20 minutes before the deadline:

Hogan (AKA Ben Read) stuck around to show us how it’s done:

Blaine’s effort; I think I can see some bristles:

More photos to follow…