What is the SU Council anyway?

10th December 2013

Tonight at 6:30pm, the first Students’ Union Council of the year will be held in B62 of the LASS building. The Tuesday Pulse investigated what the council is, why is it important, and how students view it.

University of Nottingham Students

We discussed what each of us in the studio knew about the SU Council before it was explained to us:

To get the full lowdown on the SU Council, we spoke to Laura Theobald, the SU Postgraduate Officer, who explained the role of the Council, and the significance of the meetings:

Laura also told us about other platforms for change at the University:

We spoke about ways that the SU could promote the SU Council in the future, to ensure that more students are aware of the meetings:

If you have any comments on the SU Council, post them below.