Veganary and the Rise of Part-Time Diets

21st January 2014

Today on The Pulse we looked at the rise of new eating habits and considered why more people are opting for part-time diets. The lastest month to be re-branded is January with the latest craze Veganism. What do you get? Veganuary of course.

According to the organizers 3,200 people have committed to go vegan for the first month of 2014. For those of you who don’t know what a Vegan is it is someone who does eat dairy or meat. Some do this because of their opinions on animal cruelty others do it as a way to keep up a healthy diet. Even celebrities like Beyonce and Jay Z have got involved.

I asked today’s reporters what they think of Veganism and whether they have ever considered becoming one.

Ash Simpson who has been a Vegan for two and a half years spoke to us about Veganary and his thoughts on the new craze of ‘part-time’ diets.

Veganism isn’t something that gets discussed very often and I certainly found it interesting to hear what Ash had to say on the matter. You guys seemed interested too. Here are some texts we had from our listeners:

Less meat consumption is a) healthier for the individual and b) better for everyone as it would reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Serena Williams had one of the most successful tennis seasons ever last year, on a vegan diet…

Veganism and vegetarianism is good for you and for the planet. We could feed 12 times as many people if no-one ate meat. And the meals can still be really tasty

Is it possible that the increase in veganism is at least partly due to the horsemeat scandal exactly a year ago?