Islamic Society: ‘Muslim Women of Today’ Conference

3rd February 2014

Last Friday, your Pulse team was joined by Shoaib and Bessima from the Islamic Society, who came to speak to us about their upcoming ‘Muslim Women of Today: Divided By Culture, United by Faith’ conference.

First off, Shoaib outlined for us what topics the Conference would be discussing:

Having established what topics the Conference would be addressing, we also asked Shoaib to outline the various speakers who would be at the Conference, and what each of them would be contributing:

Funds raised from the tickets for the event, are going to the organisation Peace trail, something which Shoaib told us more about:

Finally, Shoaib gave us a key outline for why what being discussed is a pertinent issue and the relevance that it has to the modern world today:

You can buy your tickets for what promises to be a fantastic event either beforehand from the Islamic Society or on the day itself, for a price of just £15. The event is being held on Saturday 8th February in Coates Road Auditorium, and you can find more details and video content demonstrating what the event will be discussing on the facebook event;

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