Petition for street lighting on Station Road gains over 1500 Signatures

26th February 2014

On Monday 24th February, a petition to install street lights on Station Road, which had been signed by over 1500 people, was handed over to Nottinghamshire County Council. The petition is part of an ongoing campaign aiming to improve the safety of the road, which many University of Nottingham students have to use to access Sutton Bonington Campus.

Katy, a student living on Sutton Bonington, told ‘The Pulse’ about why Station Road is a concern for students, and their hopes for what the petition might achieve:

Next, we discussed the issue in the studio:

However, not everyone agreed that street lighting is the ideal solution. One listener said of Station Road:

“It’s a rural road, usually quiet even in day time. There is paving too. I’m all for the project but realistically I’d rather money be spent on provision/mobility for the elderly – money’s tight. SB students – invest in fluorescent stripes, walk on the pavement. OR petition for more frequent buses, not costly street lights.”

We also considered the use of a petition in the campaign, and how successful petitions in general can be in bringing about change:

The petition will be presented at the next meeting of Nottinghamshire County Council on Thursday 27th February, and a decision about whether or not street lighting will be installed is expected in March. Councillor Andrew Brown plans to speak in favour of the campaign at the next meeting of the Transport and Highways Committee, even though Station Road lies outside his constituency.

The Station Road Campaign video can be viewed here:

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