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5th March 2014

We’ve been a bit slow in getting podcasts on the net recently, but that just means that we’ve got a load of new material all at once! Follow the links for discussion on:

– Economic Growth, Royal Finances, and Syria:;

– Obama’s State of the Union Address, Michael Gove, and Tube Strikes:;

– The floods, banning smoking in cars with children, and LGBTQ Rights in Russia:;

– Scottish independence, the right to recall MPs, and Swiss migration:;

– Unrest in Ukraine and Venezuela, Harriet Harman’s links with PIE, and the prospect of a debate on Europe between Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage:; and

– Our latest show, on Russian intervention in Ukraine, Trades Union Membership in Labour, and SU Elections.

Happy listening! The Elections Show will be taking our timeslot next week, so the next Big Picture will be on 19th March 2014, at 6pm. Do please listen in live and share your opinions by text (07762 212 434, or send a free web text from!