The Elections Show – Meet the Activities Candidates

10th March 2014

The Activities Candidates... They had no idea what was in store!

It’s the FINAL week of Students’ Union Elections. We welcomed the Activities candidates; Jonathan Davis, Hugh Purves, Nick Mugridge and Joe Caunce, into the studios. We put them through their paces, ignored their manifestos and made them look a bit stupid in all honesty.

But first of we spoke to Will Jowett to find out, what actually IS campaigning?!
Here’s today’s Elections 101…

Once that was cleared up, we decided to have a cheeky stalk of the candidates’ twitter accounts to find out once and for all, who really is the biggest twit?
Warning: May contain Viagra.

If that wasn’t enough, we decided to test the boys’ knowledge of societies within the SU… Okay, so not every single society, just those beginning with ‘C’. Now that sounds pretty simple, right? …What about if we added a bit of pressure and played music that got faster and faster?

After being well and truly tested, we rounded the show off with a simple question: What are you looking forward to for the remainder of the week?

So there we have it, those are your Activities Candidates for this year. Make sure you tune in for The Elections Show every day this week at 6pm… This was the first show and a candidate has already agreed to take Viagra if he wins, who knows what the rest of the week will involve?!