Breaking News: No More Page 3 passed at SU Council

11th March 2014

Four motions were debated at the SU Council this evening as proposed changes to our Students’ Union were debated amongst students and officers. It was a council of 18 randomly selected students who ultimately had the deciding vote. One of the most controversial motions debated at the SU Council was the proposed boycott of The Sun and The Daily Star on campus as these papers include page 3.

The motion was proposed by UoN Feminist society. URN spoke to co-chairs of the society, Jo Estrin and Francesca Garforth about their reasons for proposing the boycott.

Jo and Francesca argued for their motion in front of a randomly selected committee of 18 students who asked a variety of questions. The SU Officers were present and all gave their support although they were not able to vote. The Council of randomly selected students are given this democratic role and they voted 15 to 3 in favour of the motion. The boycott of both newspapers is in effect as of tomorrow morning and will remain in place until page three is revoked.

URN spoke to Jo and Francesca about how they think the council went and the impact the boycott will have for students here at the University of Nottingham.

There were some people both in the council and in the audience that were against the boycott. We spoke to Robert Smith and Alex Bright about why they were against the ban.

We spoke to students around campus about their opinions on page 3.