The Elections Show – Meet the Education Candidates

12th March 2014

Education Candidates... Don

Two down, TWO DAYS TO GO! Today, URN decided to teach the Education candidates, Greg Timms, Alex Turner, Adam BK, Raff and Paulina, how we do things on The Elections show.

As usual, before things really kicked off, we had to consult Mr Will Jowett to find out, what IS winning?!

Next, it was the turn of the candidates. So who are they?! And more importantly, what would their pornstar names be?

These lot were then put to the test when it came to the Biggest Twit. As soon as we mentioned that we’d been snooping, it’s safe to say that they looked rather worried.


And then things took a turn for the worst… It involved marshmallows (sliced soggy apples for the vegan) and some incredibly taxing GCSE Bitesize questions. Have a listen to the madness…

Tomorrow’s the BIG one… El Presidente!

Seeing as you’re already here, why not check out today’s video campaign?!