The Tab Responds to Social Media Backlash

12th March 2014

The Tab, Nottingham, has responded to a social media storm against its open backing of SU Presidential candidate, Katie Williams

Here are some of the tweets which fuelled the accusations:

Most of these tweets are aimed at The Tab’s quiz which told you which SU Presidential candidate to vote for. The quiz defines itself as ‘scientific’, but actually only generates the answer of ‘Katie Williams’.

In response to these allegation, Sam Dean, the Co-Chief Editor of The Tab, Nottingham, had this to say to URN:

“As The Tab is not affiliated with the SU, it is perfectly within our rights to back whichever candidate we see fit. It is something of a Tab tradition to back candidates, although this is the first time that it has happened here in Nottingham. Katie Williams is a writer for The Tab but we also agree wholeheartedly with her manifesto and do genuinely consider her to be the best candidate.[…] Katie is a friend but she is also someone who would do a fantastic job as SU President. The SU needs sorting out and she’s the one to do it.”