The Elections Show – Meet the Presidential Candidates

13th March 2014

The “Almost But Not Quite There Yet” BNOCS.

IT’S THE FINAL COUNTDOWN! For one last time The Elections Show made a mockery of 6 more candidates. Not just any candidates. The Big Dogs.
The Presidential Candidates.

At 6pm, we took to the air and welcomed Mandour Jr, Tom Hicks, Johnny Lawrence, Katie Williams, Harry Copson, James Potts, and, yup, that’s it. Callum Morris was “busy”, apparently.

So let’s meet them. Obviously, we weren’t gonna just have a jolly ole’ chat. We set the mood, had a bit of karaoke and Ms Ellie McWilliam decided to give a certain candidate a piece of her mind…

Once that was sorted, it was time to find out what our resident Northerner got up to today. He cornered Politics lecturer, Stuart Fox, to find out, what is voting?!

That left us with one more thing… The LAST ever Biggest Twit. It’s safe to say we weren’t expecting to come across THIS when we stalked their twitters.

So there we have it. The Elections Show is done for this week. BUT DO NOT FEAR, tomorrow Mikey and Caroline will be covering Results Night Tomorrow. Two strenuous weeks of sweet taking, campaigner tackling and twitter stalking comes down to this.