Nottingham Students Protest Against the Privatisation of Student Loans

19th March 2014

Protesting Against the Privatisation of Student Loans

A group of Nottingham students gathered outside Trent Building this afternoon to protest against the planned privatisation of student loans.

Our reporter, Caitlin, first explained a bit about the issue, and why students might be concerned by it.

‘The Pulse’ also spoke to a protestor, who explained more about what he hopes today’s actions will achieve.

Next, we talked about our views on the issue.

We then spoke to two students who didn’t agree with the protests.

Finally, we discussed our thoughts on some of the issues which these students raised.

One listener, Duncan, had this to say:

“Free education is the ideal. Stopping the privatisation is the campaign, and a demand that could possibly be won in the short term.” He added that at here at the University of Nottingham, students have been “campaigning about this since November, we just haven’t been noticed as much until this.”

In January, Universities Minister David Willetts explained that there is a “clear intention” to sell student loans, but that a final assessment is needed before the plans are finalised. If the proposals are approved, the sale of student loans will be a gradual process.

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