URN’ Sound of Nottingham (24th March)

24th March 2014

Every week, the team from URN After Dark select two tracks for our lovely colleagues to play on their Daytime shows. This year, we have put a specific emphasis on promoting local talent from Nottingham across all genres, that we at URN are keen to support as much as possible through featuring them on our Sound of Nottingham. Our revamped Track of the Week is a song recently released which is yet to hit the mainstream playlists on National Radio and one that we believe is destined for big things. Consider this our way of helping you discover the very best in new music spanning all genres, be it from Nottingham or nationwide!

Sound of Nottingham

Andy Hoe (Andio) – undoubtedly best-known for being the owner of the infamous Ocean Nightclub- has jumped back on the producing band-wagon with his new floorfiller, Stay featuring vocals from Tom Wardle. The track combines atmospheric synths with crisp vocals to produce an electronic masterpiece. Wardle’s vocals take the track to a new level, with his perfect tones culminating in the chorus and accentuating that classic dance anthem feeling which is sure to resonate across clubs all over the country in the not too distant future. The track has gained support from all over the World including Kiss FM Australia. Here at URN, we’re fully behind Andy’s efforts and truly believe that Stay can carry him to his 2nd life-time goal (behind getting the Hoff to Ocean) of making the UK Top 40.
The link to listen to the track is here.

Track of the Week

Dansson & Marlon Hoffstadt’s ‘Shake That’ has proven to be one of Ibiza’s biggest hits of the year – a claim supported by the fact that Shazam found it to be one of the most searched for tracks during the entire season.

‘Shake That’ utilises deceptively simple elements – an irresistible rolling bassline, stripped-back house form and an imaginative vocal sample from Nate Dogg’s ‘Get Up’ – to create a tune that is infectiously catchy, instantly recognizable, and irresistibly danceable. It’s no wonder why so many people have been desperate to discover exactly who is behind this addictive deep house track.

Dansson, a Swiss producer who is now located in Berlin, was firmly established as a leading ghost producer for several years before recently focusing on his own material.

Still just eighteen-years-old, the Berlin-based producer Marlon Hoffstadt effortlessly blends attributes from house and popular music to create productions which brim with emotion as well as his own distinct sense of character.


The After Dark Team