Nottingham Community Lunch: Is the Advantage Award worthwhile?

29th March 2014

Your Friday Pulse team reflected on the Universities’ Nottingham Advantage Award, following last weekend’s Nottingham Community Lunch event.

The Nottingham Community Lunch brought together students from the University of Nottingham and Nottingham University Samworth Academy in conjunction with Nottingham City Homes’ Tenant Academy, as event organiser Talia Samuelson explains:

Considering events like these bring students and the local community together, the team discussed whether they thought these were important and if similar events should be held more often in future:

The Nottingham Community Lunch was held under a module of the Nottingham Advantage Award, and having spoken to Talia Samuelson and Rachel Van Krimpen (from UoN Off Campus Student Affairs) earlier in the week, we asked them to explain the benefits of completing the Award:

Having heard this clip, the team then discussed the benefits of the Nottingham Advantage Award and whether the University should be doing to promote it, and other extra-curricular activities on campus:

If you want to participate in the Nottingham Advantage Award, there are many modules on offer relating to a wide range of issues scaling from employability to charity-associated projects. To attain the award, you must complete three Advantage-Award accredited modules over your time at University.

For more information on the Nottingham Community Lunch, check out the article on Impact’s website, or for the Advantage Award check the University of Nottingham website.

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