Dan Croll live review Bodega 24/3/14

30th March 2014

Dan Croll-Live Review at Bodega 24/3/14

“delicious pop nuggets not a well planned three-course meal”

A cold Monday in March saw Dan Croll return to Nottingham for the third time, and first time embracing the Bodega as a headliner. It’s a testament to Croll’s increased popularity over the last few months, to see as he takes to the stage, adoring fans fill the room wall-to-wall, awaiting the first summer tinged vibes we have come to associate with debut album “Sweet Disarray”. The crowd are willing but it’s not until “Thinkin Aboutchu’s” chorus that venue and Croll feel more comfortable with smiles peppering the chirpy organ that begins the first genuinely rhythmically movement from the crowd.

The whole night feels laid back and casual, Dan and band dressed in sweat-tops and t-shirts, like you’ve stepped into a rehearsal rather than a well planned performance at times. This is highlighted when Dan has to continuously turn to tour band to ask what songs’ next as he’s forgotten to bring the set-list, but this compliments the tone of Dan Croll’s songs. They’re not to be taken too seriously, they’re delicious pop nuggets not a well planned three-course meal. But to prove he still has Michelin star quality, Croll drops a back-to-back of two of his most popular singles mid set. “Compliment your soul” see’s the crowd drown out Croll’s own vocals as the African infused track weaves it’s way through the venue supported by claps, bouncing drums, and choppy chords. To follow this immediately by summer breakthrough “In/Out” is a clever showcase of the mix of influences and genres Croll can rely on as the synth driven track begins. It bathes the venue in sunshine infused dance-pop. The mic is turned to the crowd at the end of the track to shout back the last words as the whole band still seem surprised by it’s popularity.

Dan Croll truly is a man to see live, the songs have more power, and atmosphere to them then on record, take “Can you hear me”. Dan takes the mic in hand and bops along to the bare piano chords asking “Are you lonely like I am”, the song is more moody and emotional then on record, a heart on sleeve moment of the set. The band exit on “Home” a fitting song to leave the stage to as Croll is once more forced into smiling silence as the crowd overpower his vocals from the very first elongated “Hoooooooooo-oh-omme-oh-mme..”. The band return to the stage for a short encore featuring latest single “From Nowhere” who’s guitar slide punctuated track leaves the crowd begging for Dan to write more songs, as it’s an all but short sweet set. But it’s album title track “Sweet disarray” which showcases Croll’s carefully picked backing band. Eyes closed all the band seek the high harmonies that stun the crowd. Dan Croll clearly has made some good friends to help him with this show, and that’s led him to collect some even better fans.

Jack Wood