URN’s Sound of Nottingham (31st March)

31st March 2014

Every week, the team from URN After Dark select two tracks for our lovely colleagues to play on their Daytime shows. This year, we have put a specific emphasis on promoting local talent from Nottingham across all genres, that we at URN are keen to support as much as possible through featuring them on our Sound of Nottingham. Our revamped Track of the Week is a song recently released which is yet to hit the mainstream playlists on National Radio and one that we believe is destined for big things. Consider this our way of helping you discover the very best in new music spanning all genres, be it from Nottingham or nationwide!

Sound of Nottingham

This week, we turn to local, three-piece band Three Girl Rhumba. Made up of Tom Thurgood, James Sefton and Ian Lee. They played only their second show last week at Jam Cafe on Friday, but have many more lined up for the months ahead having spent a year focussing on writing music and rehearsing. They are expecting to release their first EP in the coming months, with launch parties scheduled in Nottingham and London. Their EP has been recorded under the watchful guidance of London Recordings, who were also responsible for Dog is Dead’s debut album.

Lemon Crush is very much a song with a big summer motive behind it. It was recorded in the middle of January 2014 but the intention was always to foster that Summer feeling and we feel it is breaking at just the right time to do just that. The song features a lot of soul and funk and boasts many of the old techniques that made those genres so famously brilliant.

You can listen to the track here.

Track of the Week

Bombs And Bottles (Real name Harrison Zafrin) is an American recording artist and record producer from Brooklyn, New York. Harrison formed Bombs and Bottles in 2009 whilst enrolled in college at Binghamton University. He does all of his own Production and Vocals, and released his first debut full-length record Pop and Roll in Autumn 2010.

Bombs and Bottles released another EP in 2012 called “The Heist”. It was used as the soundtrack to New York City Fashion Week designer Marlon Gobels Fall/Winter Runway show of the same name.

We’ve picked his track, Put It On to feature this week because of its richness in melodic vocals, combined with hard-hitting synth undertones and an atmospheric instrumental choice which features from the outset and throughout the song.

Although relatively unknown in the UK, we feel there is certainly scope for Bombs and Bottles to start making waves on our side of the Pond in the not too distant future.

You can listen to the track here.

The After Dark Team