Proposal to Help Muslim Students Restricted by Sharia Law

8th April 2014

On today’s Pulse we tackled the issue of Sharia law impacting on the decision for Muslim students to go to university. We outline why this is an issue for Muslim students and why it is in the news at the moment.

You’ll now hear from Noorulann Shahid who is a Masters student at the University of Nottingham and is also a blogger.

I also spoke to Ismail who is a student at King’s College London, studying political economy. Ismail was part of a conference that was held in London entitled “How to beat the 9K” and was directed at alternative ways Muslim students could financially get through university. Here Ismail tells us about the conference and his opinions on the government proposals.

The proposal is expected to receive criticism as it is only in its consultation stage and one argument that is expected to emerge is that this ‘special treatment’ for Muslim students will see them paying less than athetist students or students of other religions. I posed this question to Ismail.

The proposed law has received a lot of attention amongst Muslim campaign groups. Here is a summary of how the news has been received and some history behind the issue.

I spoke to Hammad who is a first year student at the University of Nottingham who has been forced to pay for his degree through alternative means. I ask whether this new model would have helped him and whether he supports the proposal.

We summed up the story and considered the possibility of this proposal coming in to law.