Wallis Bird- Architect Album Review

14th April 2014

Architect by Wallis Bird

Wallis Bird is an interesting solo artist, having released 3 Albums mainly to her home Ireland audience she has remained largely under the radar in the UK. It’s the fourth album “Architect” that intends to put Bird firmly on the map. Starting the album with recent single “Hardly Hardly” is a stroke of genius, it’s one of the tracks that has enough hooks and twists to actually blossom in the clubs of Berlin that largely inspired the album where she located to record it. The album rather than settling on this theme flitters across genres, touching on dance, hints of folk on “Daze” to the electronic deep-breath that is “Holding A light”. It’s lucky that Bird’s vocals are soulful and individual enough to be the lineage through the album as otherwise it would feel like a scrap book of different tracks forced together. The album feels slightly empty at times, seeming nearly like polished demos especially in comparison to the grand dance track of “Hardly Hardly” it starts with. The album perks up once more with the uplifting “Communion” feeling like KT Tunstell with a slight dance backing. Clearly the folk-soul background has been forced behind the scenes largely on this album but its times when she embraces the clubs of Berlin with a few acoustic tones that feel the most solid parts of the album. This is most showcased on “Gloria” a celebration of electronic gospel backing vocals and violin tinged dance-rhythm which bounces to Birds’ vocals to make it the standout track of the album. From there on the album becomes more sombre, with “Hammering”, and “River of Paper” shows Wallis’ roots as singer-songwriter. It is though the mix of upbeat and stripped back tracks that really showcases Wallis Bird as a versatile artist. Expect to hear a lot more of this singer-songwriter in the coming months.
Album “Architect” Out now


By Jack Wood