Student Stories: Imagine balancing a degree and a baby

2nd June 2014

Managing a degree with societies and a social life can seem like a challenge, but imagine also adding a baby into the equation.

We spoke to an English & Philosophy second year student about how she manages being a parent and a student:

She was very positive about her experience, but that’s not always the case. We spoke to Dasha Karzunina, the SU Education Officer, about the support available from the Union.

The Student Advice Centre are a fantastic resource to help students, and they give particular help to students with children. The issues range from getting academic support and extenuating circumstances, to getting advice about which school to send their kids to.

The majority of these students are mature students, but lots of students come in who are recently pregnant and need help figuring out how much time they can take out of their degree, and whether they’ll be able to come back.

There is a group for students with caring responsibilities, but it’s currently very underused. There is also a mature students’ network, but there is nothing specialised for students with children.

The Student Advice Centre are hoping to set up a group for students who are also parents this September.

Since The Pulse raised the topic of students with children with the Union, they are now in conversation with the University to gain accurate numbers of students who are also parents, as well as hoping to further the support available.

Here are some comments that were texted in during the show:

I think children with parents in education will be given a GREAT example on how important education is.

Degree/Toddler – I know which I would choose.

What an inspirational woman! I thought I had it bad with my 6 hours a week! This has been an eye-opening special.

I used to do a course with someone who fell pregnant during freshers term. Amazingly this didn’t deter her and she went on to complete a dual honours in chemistry and physics. So I guess if anything they are more determined!

If you have any thoughts or experiences you’d like to share, please comment below.