The Pulse: The Real Story of Students Abroad.

16th June 2014

The Pulse investigates Studying Abroad.

Over the past year The Pulse have been investigating the experience of students abroad. We spoke to students who studied, worked and travelled abroad to discover problems they had found with their time away.

This began because a student came to us with her story about her time in Columbia on an AIESEC-organised internship. The main issue she faced was safety. This led us to consider what other problems students face while abroad, and how much help the University really offer to students, or whether students are left to fend for themselves.

Take a listen to out full investigation here:

Here are some comments we had throughout the show.

Money was always tight but that is the nature of being a student. Housing was an issue for me only because it was far more expensive than I expected it to be.

I struggled to find an internship in Spain for a few months and the spanish year abroad office didn’t reply to my emails. Luckily I found one in the end.

I found classes in Canada were of a much harder level than I was anticipating, and I hadn’t accounted for the difficulty of being completely alone, 1000s of miles from home and friends.

Overall, I found it to be a fantastic and maturing experience, albeit with no thanks to the input of my University. My Year Abroad was a fantastic experience.

Have you studied abroad and have experiences to share? Leave us your comments below.