Open Play: An investigation into LGBT participation in University sports

21st June 2014

Open Play: An investigation into LGBT participation in sports

Throughout 2014, the URN Sports Team have been conducting an investigation into LGBT student participation in sport. We spoke to students, the SU Sports Officer, local teams and national figures in order to discover what the obstacles are to increasing LGBT participation in sport.

This was based upon the 2011 NUS ‘Out in Sport’ report, which provided reccomendations to all Universities as to how to increase the number of LGBT students participants in sport on campus. As the University of Nottingham has not implemented these reccomendations, this lead us to consider the broader local, national and international obstacles to increased participation – before presenting our findings to the incoming SU Sports Officer here at the University of Nottingham, Kiri Madhani, to hear how she is going to tackle the issue next year.

Take a listen to the full investigation here:

Here are some of the comments we recieved during the show:

Loving hearing more about this and I think lad culture encourages mocking which can subconsciously put lgbt students off teams like that.

It seems that the SU aren’t prepared to take action! I hope they change after this!

Let’s hope that Kiri acknowledges your findings and makes a change. Carrying on with the same policy of ‘awareness’ clearly isn’t enough!

What do you think of the current policy for dealing with LGBT participation in sports? Have you, or anyone you know, had a negative experience in trying to partake in a sport due to sexual orientation or gender defintion? Leave your comments below.