Multi-Million Pound Re-Build of Portland Building

23rd June 2014

The Portland Building on University Park is set to receive a several million pound re-investment into its internal make-up. The re-construction is planned to happen in two stages to ensure minimal disruption to the student body. The Pulse spoke to Will Knapp, the Activities Officer within the Students Union, to find out exactly what is planned:

With all of these planned changes, how are students going to react? The Pulse went out on campus to see how students feel about this re-investment:

The plans for the new building will be with the architects by Christmas of this year, with the proposed re-build starting in September 2015. Students want to have their say into how the building will look. We asked some students what changes they would like to see to the building:

How do you feel about these changes? Do you think the university should be spending the money more wisely, or do you think the planned changes could improve your university experience? Leave your comments below.