BREAKING NEWS: Fire at Jubilee Campus

12th September 2014

KEY UPDATE:The University of Nottingham have updated their statement on the Jubilee fire. Read more here:

Below are updates on the situation surrounding the Jubilee Fire. . Keep an eye out on this page, and on twitter @URNPulse, for all of the latest news.

22.00: A building at the University of Nottingham’s Jubilee Campus has set alight this evening, and fifty fire-fighters are currently tackling the blaze.

It is currently unknown what started the fire, with reports first having emerged on twitter at approximately 8.30pm.

The new Student Union President Harry Copson has confirmed on twitter that it is the newly developed GlaxoSmithKline Carbon Neutral Laboratory for Sustainable Chemistry that is alight.

The Nottingham Fire and Rescue service have confirmed that they dispatched ten fire and rescue crews to the scene and there are currently a number of fire-fighters attempting to keep the fire under control.

UPDATE – 22.45:

Notts Fire Brigade have just tweeted this update of the situation at the scene of the fire:

UPDATE – 23.00:

A reminder that the Notts Police are advicing all local residents to keep windows and doors shut, as picutres emerge on Twitter of flying debris that has landed peoples gardens.

Meanwhile, Impact News are reporting that there are continued explosions on site at the fire.

UPDATE – 23.15:

The University of Nottingham has released a statement (see link at top of this page) which thankfully confirms there have been no casualties as a result of tonight’s fire, with the blaze now seemingly under some remnants of control.

UPDATE – 09.00:

With today’s Open Day going ahead as planned, including acess to the remainder of Jubilee Campus, more pictures of the event have emerged including the devestation that has been left of the newly constructed £15 million building.

We will continue to bring you all of the latest news on how the fire began over the coming days, both here and on twitter, @URNPulse.

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