BREAKING NEWS: Varsity to be Shortened

23rd September 2014

The URN Pulse team has exclusively been told by your Students Union Sports Officer, Kiri Madhani that next year’s Varsity series again Nottingham Trent University will be played over a condensed period of three weeks.

She has also confirmed that the Varsity series will feature three new sports: Cheerleading, Wheelchair Basketball and Volleyball. The series was last year won by the University of Nottingham on the last event, cricket, and it has been 5 years since Nottingham Trent last won the series overall.

Here is Kiri explaining what Varsity is to the Pulse, and the plans for the upcoming year:

We then discussed this breaking news in the studio:

The Pulse have also since confirmed that the condensed period of Varsity sports over the course of three weeks is set to begin following the Easter break, in the run up to exams.

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