SU Initative: Safer Taxi Scheme

3rd October 2014

Your Student’s Union are re-emphasising the importance of a scheme that they have launched in conjunction with D&G taxi services over the past few years, which aims to ensure that you get home safely on a night out.

Named the Safer Taxi Scheme, the service is comprised of two parts – The Fixed Price scheme, and the Emergency Taxi Service – and we caught up with your Students Union Equal Opportunities and Welfare officer, Chloe Averill, to discuss what the whole scheme was about, initially focusing on the Fixed Price element:

Your Thursday Pulse team of Sam, Annabel, Joe Archer, Mike and Joe Ireland then discussed the Fixed Price scheme in particular and whether they themselves would use it.

We also spoke to Chloe about the Emergency Taxi service, as she highlighted the dangers of students using unlicensed taxi’s on a night out:

The team in the studio then also gave there opinions on the service, with views split over whether it would work in practice and whether not students should simply be responsible for their own Welfare:

It is important that you remember to travel home safely on a night out, and to utilise the Fixed Prices section of the Safer Taxi scheme you must register with D&G by texting TAXI to 80818, from where you will be given the prices. If you wish to use the emergency taxi part of the scheme, you must book a taxi through D&G’s and explicitly state that you need an emergency taxi and must supply your Student ID number which means you will be taken home and be able to pay your fare to the Students Union later in the week.

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