BREAKING: New NUS Manifesto Revealed

27th October 2014

New NUS manifesto for Student’s Unions plans to attempt to abolish university tuition fees. We spoke to SU sports officer Kiri Madhani to find out the SU’s view on this. You can listen to our interview with Kiri here:

Your Monday Pulse team then discussed the intership part of the manifesto in the studio:

The new manifesto focussed on three key areas: work, education and community, and also addressed the need to pay minimum wage to students undertaking work experience placements of 4 weeks or more. Another idea raised was free bus transport for young persons aged 16-19.

Some of you text us in with your views:

More well off parents are more likely to have good contacts for work experience too. It’s not just funding that is an issue, it’s harder for some people to even have the chance to acquire work experience

Education is important for all but to be honest society will still always need its binmen and McDonald’s workers. There’s only so much we can do about things…

Nottingham University’s Student’s Union will be holding a referendum on whether or not we should support the abolition of tuition fees in the near future.

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