SU Referendum: Result to Marking Boycott Referendum Announced

28th October 2014

In a follow up to last week’s Marking Boycott referendum, the result has been announced.

For more details on the referendum, you can see our blog from last week:

1199 students voted in favor of the Student’s Union campaigning to oppose future marking boycotts by academics, with 600 voting against. 685 students registered their abstentions. Therefore, 46% of students who either voted or willingly abstained voted in favor of opposing future marking boycotts.

However, as less than 10% of the student body voted, this means that the SU has failed to reach the required number of votes for the policy to have become binding.

This afternoon, we spoke to Joe Caunce about whether he was disappointed by how many students turned up to vote as he stated he would hope to see more students vote in similar issues in the future, whilst the SU will look at how to ensure that would happen:

Your Student’s Union will be releasing a statement later this afternoon regarding how the failure to reach 10% of voters will affect their stance on the policy, although Joe said he was confident the vote ‘was indicative of what students think’.

We will post the SU’s statement in full as soon as we recieve it.

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