Gender-Neutral Toilets at The University of Nottingham

31st October 2014

Our first story on The Pulse today was about an article in The Independent which called on all universities to have gender-neutral toilets. These toilets are for trans students which means someone who feels like the opposite gender to which they were born, or that they classify themselves as non-binary, neither male nor female.

Some have critized this move to build and encorporate gender-neutral in new buildings. We spoke to Zoe, a transgender student at the university about her views on why this change is so welcomed…

Some universities have already introduced gender-neutral toilets, Manchester passed a policy on this back in 2008. We caught up with the LGBT officer, Pheebs Lau, to discuss what progress the University of Nottingham has made and whether it prirotises introducing these facilities.

Since recording that interview it came to light that new gender-neutral toilets are going to be introduced in both the new Sports Centre and new George Green library although it remains to be seen what efforts will be made in other toilets in buildings around campus.

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