Breaking: NUS withdraws support for Student Fees Demonstration

4th November 2014

It was revealed this afternoon that the National Union of Students is withdrawing its support for the Free Education Demonstration that was due to take place on the 19th November in London. The reason given for the withdrawal was that there have been health, safety and legal concerns raised with the event. The University of Nottingham Student’s Union has also announced in a statement available on their website ( that they will be following suit, and that therefore the transport which they had been planning to lay on for students attending the demonstration will no longer be available.

We spoke to your Environmental and Social Justice Officer, Emily Holmes who explained why the situation had arisen, and why our SU had to follow the lead of the NUS:

Meanwhile, your Monday Pulse team offered their thoughts on the issue:

In addition to the breaking news of the withdrawal of support, we spoke to Harry Copson about the news that nominations to become an NUS delegate have opened, whilst he also clarified what the NUS is and how the SU is affected by their decisions:

The team in the studio then offered their opinion the NUS:

Your SU have confirmed that they remain supportive of the policies campaigning for free education, and that if any students want more information regarding the change they should contact them directly.

Meanwhile, if you wish to nominate yourself to become an NUS delegate you can do so online:

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