Superhero Films, Doctor Who, and Advertising: The Popular Table – 09/11/2014

9th November 2014

Hello! The podcast for this week’s show (09/11/2014) is finally up.

In the first part of the show, Emma, Dawn, and David discuss their favourite comedy films and ask ‘are superhero films damaging the movie industry?’

In the second part, our jolly gang of misfits give a brief overview of Doctor Who, series 8. Is it worth the watch?

In the third and final part of the show, the crew look at the recent John Lewis Christmas video, and see how it compares to other forms of advertising.

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Clips used in this show are from Marvel’s Age of Ultron teaser, Doctor Who, and Orange is the New Black.

Music is by Perfume Genius, Lily Allen, and Ed Sheeran.

See you next week!