LGBTQ+ as a Genre, Taylor Swift, Social Networking, and Mass-Media Cross-Pollination: The Popular Table – 16/11/2014

16th November 2014

Hello hello hello! Here is yet another podcast for you, broken into three segments, as always.

In part one, the formidable duo of David and Emma look at how LGBTQ+ has become a genre of its own in various forms of media, and they ask whether seamless integration is preferable.

Part two begins with a brief conversation about Taylor Swift before diving into a discussion about the merits of social media platforms.

In the final segment, they look at what David likes to call “Mass-Media Cross-Pollination”. I think someone may need to tell him to calm down.

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Clips are from the Orange is the New Black Series 2 teaser, The Social Network trailer, The Big Bang Theory, Agents of SHIELD, and Torchwood.

Music is by Taylor Swift, CHVRCHES, and Clean Bandit.