HealthyU Week on Campus

19th November 2014

On Monday, the Pulse teamed discussed the HealthyU events taking place on campus this week. Our conversation began with a short interview with Chloe Averill, SU Equal Opportunities and Welfare officer:

Chloe told us about many events that are going on this week on University Park and Jubilee Campuses, and next week on Sutton Bonnington.

We then discussed our own health issues and concerns in the studio, and how HealthyU week could benefit us.

The team in the URN studio came to the conclusion that the HealthyU fair and other events occurring this week will be of great benefit to us, especially as students, to help us learn more about keeping ourselves well and fit to continue our studies.

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If you would like to tell us about your health experiences, or make any comments about HealthyU week, leave a comment below or tweet us @URNPulse.