The Pulse Investigates: Is Your Student Loan Enough?

5th December 2014

The Pulse Investigates: Is Your Student Loan Enough?

Is funding your time at University something you often worry about?

As the first batch of students who are paying £9,000 per year near the end of their degrees, we are all too aware that students suffer from a series of financial pressures.

We therefore investigated this issue to find out whether your student loan can really cover your rent, food and other necessary expenditures.

Featuring interviews with your Students Union President Harry Copson, stories of financial woe for students around campus and tips from Save The Student, you can hear the full investigation here:

What do you think?

Lots of you got in touch with us throughout the show, to share your opinions on whether the student loan is enough and what should be done to help out students in need:

Money is always an issue for me, but I don’t think the Uni can do anything for me because the problem is from the national level – Sam

I also struggle despite receiving a lot from both student finance and UoN Bursaries. However I have little sympathy for those who miss out on bursaries through not realising they’re available – you can’t be spoonfed everything.

The loan system is obviously unproductive. I don’t know any students who don’t have a job or have help from their parents in order to be able to afford to come!

At my University, Bristol, the SU started up its own letting agency which doesn’t charge fees. The private letting agencies here are ridiculous, and rents are way too high for normal people like me. I think our Union has done well in taking action, and more Universities should help students more proactively.

It is of course sad to hear that the guy you spoke to constantly has money worries, but if he is on the minimum amount from Student Finance – this is for a reason: they deem his parents’ income reasonable enough for them to support him through University.

The University doesn’t want to publicise the grants and bursaries too much because they don’t want to spend too much money. They care more about the bank balance! – Ollie

This is an issue that lots of you felt strongly about, and so we put up a petition on the University of Nottingham Students Union Make a Change website. Lots of you responded, and so we will be taking the issue of Student Loans to Union Council on your behalf next February. If you also want to sign the petition, you can do so here.

We will bring you more on what happens with this movement as it happens.

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