Nottingham University Football Club banned from Varsity 2015

12th January 2015

It was announced earlier this week, that the Nottingham University Football Club has been banned from participating in this years Varsity series for a breach of the Students Union Code of Conduct. You can read the full story, including the clubs response, here.

In the Studio

We on the Pulse discussed the news, with Patrick Hildred firstly explaining the story and what the punishment means:

The Football team posted a response to the news via the form of a statement on their website earlier today, which can be heard via a spokesperson here:

Patrick then took the opportunity to explain what he thought the statement meant from the team, and how their views are different to the Students Unions stance:

The two guys in the studio, Patrick and Sam then engaged in a viceforous debate over the decision, as Sam took the view that the decision was justified and perhaps should have seen a complete ban similar to that of the Rugby team, whilst Patrick said the Football Club had been harshly treated. A recurring theme of the debate and the flood of texts was the lack of transparency the SU had shown in their decision making process:

Your Views

Throughout the show we recieved a number of your views via webtext and on Twitter, ranging in views a selection of which you can see here:

The Students Union is a closed shop and no one finds out about the details. They act as if they are in a court of law and then conduct the whole process without making anything transparent to the university students at the end of it.

Anonymous comment here. A member of the Hockey Club Committee swore at member of the public and that member contacted a member of the governing board of the Uni. The Hockey Club brought the uni into disrepute in public, and they didnt lose Varsity

Note: This is an unsubstantiated claim, and if you have any reports they should be handed over to the Student’s Union to investigate.

Do the University think the same amount of money will be raised, will the same umber of people come to watch [after the ban]?

Might it be in some form degrading for IMS players to be heavily beaten by Trent? therefore breaking union guidelines?

Isn’t the notion of community service a procedure used as a final measure before a criminal is sent to prison? Another fine example of the Students’ Union oppressing student groups as opposed to helping them.

How can the students union rule the events degrading, when no one involved said they felt degraded?

I fully disagree with Paddy.

Told my Mum about what the sanctions were to the football club, and the one about community service she described as farcical. Literally like slavery.

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