Does Nostalgia Hinder Criticism? Are Reboots/Remakes Necessary? And Utopianism in Superheroes: The Popular Table – 25/01/2015

25th January 2015

Good evening, true believers! Welcome to another edition of The Popular Table: URN’s top pop culture show.

Today our panel of Ibtisam, Mike, Victoria, David, and Dario ask ‘does nostalgia blind our critical eye?’:

Following immediately on from this, in the wake of Marvel’s recent announcement, our talkative geeks ponder the necessity of remakes and reboots:

In the final segment of today’s show, in Ibi’s corner, the gang look at the utopian potential of superheroes:

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Clips and music used in this show are from FRIENDS, X-Men: The Animated Series, Animaniacs, Batman (1989), The Mask: The Animated Series, Super Mario Bros. (1985 video game), Brian Michael Bendis’ interview on Late Night with Seth Meyers, and Superman (1978).

Special thanks to Dario for producing the show this week.

And that’s that. Thank you all very much for listening to us, we hope see you again next week.