Casting News, Ghostbusters, Superhero TV, Video Killed the Board Game Star, Dystopias: The Popular Table – 06/02/2015

6th February 2015

Hello, and welcome to the podcast for the Popular Table 06/02/2015.

To make up for last Sunday’s non-cast, we’ve re-recorded the material from that show for you to enjoy.

In part 1, Ibi, Emma, and David discuss the latest in casting news, and the recently announced female-led Ghostbusters reboot:

Part 2 involves our gang discussing the surge in superhero television, and video games vs. board games:

In the final part of this week’s show, as a response to his previous segment, Ibi looks at the dystopian potential of superheroes:

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Clips and music used in this show are from Ghostbusters, the SNL skit “Soap Opera Reunion” (, The Flash, Agent Carter, a 1970s television commercial for the Atari 2600, and Watchmen (2009).

Thank you all very much for listening, see you Sunday at four!