#NSM2015 – Notts Student Manifesto Launched!

7th February 2015

On Thursday 5th February, we went down to the launch of the 2015 Notts Student Manifesto. The event saw the University of Nottingham Students Union, Nottingham Trent Students Union and New College Nottingham students come together to inform prospective MP’s, and other local reprasentatives, about the issues that matter to them. You can read the full manifesto here.


At the event, Meg and Sam spoke to a number of those in representatives. One of the issues discussed at the launch was student finance, with Emma Pearce from our Money Special, giving a speech.

Emma told us that it was ‘unique event to present these ideas to representatives’, saying ‘at the end of the day, if they want us to vote, and to vote for them, they have to do stuff for us’.

We put this idea to Labour MP, Lilian Greenwood who told us that ‘hearing from young people is just as important as hearing from anyone else’.

This view was echoed throughout the night, as UoNSU Activities Officer Joe Caunce and NUS Vice-President for Union Development Raechel Mattey told us ‘it’s been a fantastic event, we’re very proud of our students’ and that ‘student’s don’t think candidates are listening to their issues enough… we don’t them [local representatives] getting into power and forgetting we exist’ respectively.

You can here the full report on our evening at the event, including some of the student testimony and views as well as the thoughts of UoNSU Community Officer, Mike Olatokun here:


Our team in the studio, of Anna, Calum, Elliot and Irena then discussed the event and whether they felt the manifesto was going to be a success:

We also had lots of feedback on Twitter, with the CEO of UoNSU, Sarah Gosling, tweeting us to say ‘I find it so inspiring!’.

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