Varsity 2015 dates revealed

25th February 2015

University Radio Nottingham can exclusively reveal the dates for the 2015 Nottingham Varsity series. After the Pulse broke the news at the beginning of the year that this year’s Varsity was to be radically changed and held over a two week period after the Easter break, URN Sport can now bring you the full list of dates.

The series will begin on Monday 27th April with Basketball at the Capital FM Arena. Ice Hockey is on Wednesday 29th April.

Football is on Friday 1st May, followed the next day by Rugby Union on Saturday 2nd May.

The only event not to be held inside the two-week period is the Men’s Cricket, which will be the concluding event of the series on Friday 5th June.

Tickets will be available in early March, with details to be posted on the official series website,

UoNSU Sports Officer Kiri Madhani told URN the idea of holding the series over a short period of time:

Sports Editor Patrick Hildred summarised how the series will work:

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Varsity 2015

Monday 27th April

Event: Basketball (ladies and men’s)
Venue: Capital FM Arena
Times: Ladies – 17:30, Wheelchair – 19:20, Men’s – 20:15

Tuesday 28th April

Event: Dodgeball
Venue: Clifton Campus
Time: 17:00

Event: Futsal (ladies and men’s)
Venue: Clifton Campus
Times: Ladies – 19:20, Men’s – 20:30

Event: Men’s Lacrosse
Venue: Clifton Campus
Time: 17:45

Wednesday 29th April

Event: Ice Hockey
Venue: Capital FM Arena
Time: 19:00

Thursday 30th April

Event: Netball
Venue: Clifton Campus
Time: 18:00

Event: Volleyball
Venue: Clifton Campus
Time: 19:30

Friday 1st May

Event: Football (ladies and men’s)
Venue: Meadow Lane
Times: Ladies – 17:30, Men’s – 19:30

Saturday 2nd May

Event: Rugby Union (ladies and men’s)
Venue: Lady Bay
Times: Ladies’ – 17:00, Men’s – 19:00

Sunday 3rd May

Event: Rugby League
Venue: Lady Bay
Time: 19:00

Monday 4th May

Event: American Football
Venue: Lady Bay
Time: 13:00

Tuesday 5th May

Event: Hockey (ladies and men’s)
Venue: Beeston Hockey Club
Times: Ladies’ – 15:00, Men’s – 13:00

Event: Table Tennis
Venue: Jubilee Campus
Time: 15:00

Wednesday 6th May

Event: Swimming
Venue: UoN Pool, University Park Campus
Time: 12:00

Friday 5th June

Event: Men’s Cricket
Venue: Clifton Campus
Time: 13:00