Interview with Mike Buchanan: Leader of the Justice for Men and Boys Party

2nd March 2015

The Interview

Today on The Pulse we spoke to Mike Buchanan, leader of the Justice for Men and Boys (and the women who love them) Party. We quizzed him on his manifesto and posed questions to him from our listeners:

In The Studio

We then had a discussion in the studio about the texts and tweets we recieved and our views on the interview:

Loads of you got in touch during the show. Here is a selection of the texts and tweets we recieved:

Daniel: doesn’t your commitment to attacking feminists rather than defending men suggest you’re just a reactionary terrified of change and equality?

I’m concerned about the value of pitting campaigns against one another. Seona

I’m a man. I’m a feminist, that doesn’t make me a traitor… If anything that makes me someone in favour of equality in areas such as the pay gap, which definitely exists… Sam

Chris – does he not understand that grants like that and the Marie Clare grant exists to ENCOURAGE women into increasingly gender divided disciplines, like Engineering

Feminism should stop being viewed as an attack on men and society. It’s a movement for equality which will allow everyone to live their life without judgement, or being conditioned to like certain things or live a certain way. Yes on the surface it seems as though men are ‘losing out’ but it’s actually a freeing up of society that will benefit everyone in future generations regardless of gender. Alice

I can’t believe he said that men are traitors if they are feminists. All (if not most) are in favour of equal opportunities and would define themselves as feminists as they want to live in a fair society. Adam

Pheobe: I’m from a single parent household and I am so proud of my mother for bringing me up, working hard and supporting me. Why would you rather have children living in unhappy households purely because there are two parents?

Steven: As a man, the only problems I face due to my gender are because of the expectations promoted by the patriarchy. If people want men to be liberated from this, they should support feminism.

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