URN Meets The Candidates

3rd March 2015

With campaigns beginning and manifestos launched, URN has caught up with the candidates for this years student leader elections to find out about the policies behind the people and why they are running to be your Student’s Union Officers. You can find out about all of the candidates manifestos on our Candidate Hubs, which include all of the campaign videos and links to facebook pages.


First up, we caught up with your current Student’s Union President, Harry Copson, to find out what the role involves:

We then spoke to some of the candidates to replace Harry, finding out what they would seek to change if elected:


Joe Caunce also explained to us what the role of Activites Officer involves:

The candidates for Activites Officer then told us why they should be elected to office:


The current Education Officer Adam Bk outlined to us what responsibilities he has:

Meanwhile, those seeking to be next years Education Officer spoke to us about their manifesto points:

Equal Opportunities and Welfare

Chloe Averill is the current Equal Opportunities and Welfare Officer and she explained to us how her role is different to that of the other officers:

There are a high number of candidates for the Welfare posistion this year, and they explained to us why they are running in this years Student Leader elections:


Our Sports Editor, Patrick Hildred, caught up with current Sport’s Officer Kiri Madhani to find out what the role entails:

The candidates for Sports Officer also explained to us what they are hoping to achieve next year:


Those running for Community Officer also explained to us why they should be on next years Officer team:


We spoke to the candidates for Postgraduate Officer, about the differences they’d like to see if they were elected:


The Students Union also consists of 7 Part-Time Officers, and we spoke to various candidates for these positions to find out more about their manifestos:

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