Your Ultimate Elections Guide

3rd March 2015

All of this week on The Pulse we are debating all things student leader elections. From Manifestos to Campaigning, the University of Nottingham is to be flooded with candidates trying to persuade you to vote for them. We’ve debated all of the issues that matter to you, finding out your views in order to provide you with your ultimate guide to the elections.


The ongoing elections are all concerning the Student’s Union. However, not all students know what the Student’s Union is. We explain how the Union is meant to represent you, and find out what your views on it are:

The team in the studio then discussed how effective they find the Students Union, and whether it needs to do more to engage with those they are representing:


With candidates set to flood campus over the next two weeks, we found out more from you the students about your experiences of the campaigning period:

The team in the studio debated whether campaigning could be too intrusive, and if they took any notice of those standing in Portland canvassing for votes:


Each of the candidates are required to submit manifestos they’d like to enact, so we found out more about how often students read each policy:

Our in-studio discussion featured vociferous disagreement on the usefulness of manifestos, and whether they’d be reading this years ones before casting their vote:


Question Time events are regularly held around campus during the elections period, and we found out what you thought of them:

The Question Times divided opinion in the studio, with not everyone agreeing they were worth conducting:


The Student’s Union also consists of Part-Time Officers, and we asked those around the Portland Building whether those filling these positions deserve to be paid:

Not everyone in the studio agreed on who should or shouldn’t be a Full-Time Officer, with the SU opting 14 Officers in total:


Lots of The Candidates campaign for your vote by utilizing social media, so we went around campus to find out whether you find it intrusive:

Those in the studio was torn on whether the Social Media campaigning was even effective:


With how the votes are counted for the Student Leader elections involving a very complicated process, we explain how the results and reached and asked the students whether they thought it should be simplified:

Not everyone in the studio thought that the system was too complicated, arguing that it allows students to engage with more than just one candidate:


Not everyone in the Student’s Union elections seriously wants to be a full-time officer, with Joke Candidates aiming to ridicule the process. We went around campus to find out whether you thought these candidates damaged the elections:

The team in the studio were divided over whether Joke Candidates benefitted the elections process:


Voting opened for the elections this week, and with the Union aiming for a national record 14,000 unique voters, we found out if you were likely to cast your ballot:

The team in the studio then debated which years are likely, or not as the case may be, to turn out and vote:


Results night is set to take place on Friday 13th March this year, however some students say they didn’t know it even existed and wouldn’t know how to keep track of the newly appointed officers as they came in:

The team in the studio then discussed whether students would go along to results night if they could, and if the results needed to be better publicized:

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