URN Questions: The Candidates

7th March 2015

Throughout the elections period on The Pulse, we are questioning the candidates to be your next Student’s Union officers. Posing the issues that matter to you and debating the detail, we’ll be seeking to find out about the policies behind the people.

During any of our debates, if you want to join the discussion, remember you can tweet us @URNPulse or send us a free webtext on urn1350.net


The Presidential candidates were questioned on their manifestos:

As well as discussing their policies, we also put questions to them from you, the students, which provoked disagreement:


The Education candidates came into the studios, to have their policies scrutinized by our News Editor, Sam Boyle:

We also put the students questions to the candidates, to see how they would deal with the issues that matter to you:

URN questioned the Education Candidates


We met the equal opportunities and Welfare Officer candidates and asked them about their policies:

As well as talking about their policies, we also put the questions you, the students, wanted to ask to the students:

The Candidates for Equal Opportunities and Welfare


We’ve also welcome the Activities Officer candidates into the studio, beginning by asking them about their manifesto points and examining whether they could actually be implemented:

There were also a number of you who texted in throughout the show, posing your own questions to the Candidates:

URN Meets the Activities Candidates

Note: Priyanka and Andrew Jennings were also invited but did not attend.


The URN Sport’s Officer, Patrick Hildred, welcomed the Sport’s Officer candidates into the URN studios to debate a wide-range of issues from media coverage of BUCS matches to sport’s team initiations. You can hear the debate in full here:

Patrick Hildred grills the Candidates


We also welcomed the Community Officer candidates into the studio, as issues concerning transport and housing came under fire:

The Community Officer Candidates
Note – Luke Watkins, Stephen Wallace and Sam Peake did not attend this debate


News Editor Samuel Boyle also questioned Elliott Denham, one of the Postgraduate Officer candidates about whether he really understood what the role entailed:

URN questioned Elliott Denham

Note – Cyrus Rahim was also invited to this event, but refused to attend

Throughout the elections period, The Pulse will be questioning the Candidates, so make sure you stay tuned to the news that matters to you every weekday between 5 and 6, follow us on twitter @URNPulse, and like our Facebook Page, URN News Team.