Supergirl, Age of Ultron, Geek Culture, The Decline of The Simpsons, and Capitalist Dystopias: The Popular Table – 08/03/2015

8th March 2015

Hello, and welcome to URN’s top pop culture blogcast!

On today’s show, our panel comprising of Mike, Sam, Ibtisam, Victoria, Felix, and David discuss the new Supergirl costume, the Age of Ultron trailer, the youngest same-sex kiss depicted on television, and Harrison Ford’s unfortunate accident – all in an action-packed part 1:

In part 2, our intrepid broadcasters discuss the rise of geek culture, ask whether it needs to grow up, and examine the supposed decline in quality of The Simpsons:

And finally, in part 3, Ibtisam looks at how capitalist dystopias suppress individual agency, with reference to Brave New World and The Hunger Games:

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Clips used in this show are from the trailer for Marvel’s Age of Ultron, The Fosters, Clerks (1994), and The Simpsons.

Special thanks to Mike for doing a wonderful job of producing this week.