The Elections Show – Equal Opps and Welfare

10th March 2015

The Equal Opps and Welfare Candidates

On Tuesday 10th March, we welcomed the Equal Opps and Welfare Candidates into the URN Studios for the second instalment of The Elections Show. Our show designed to get to know the candidates behind the manifestos. We’ve seen their manifestos, we’ve seen them around campus…but who are they?!

The show was CRAZY today…I don’t think anyone in the studio knew what was going on…

First up, we played CamPAIN with the candidates. Geography has the highest turn-out in the voting so far…so geography know the elections, but do the elections know Geography?! The Candidates had to name countries throughout the alphabet whilst passing around our infamous electrical ball!

A classic, that is sure to feature heavily this week (apologies to the Education and Presidential Candidates in advance!) Our resident stalkers took to the Candidates’ twitter accounts to unravel their embarrassing social media past…

Lastly, in the words of the legend that is Bob Marley; ‘When Music hits you, you feel no pain’. So as the Candidates running for Welfare, how good were they at guessing song intros to feel-good songs?!

Whilst you’re here, why not check out Episode #2 of ‘The Candidate’ – Episodes 3 & 4 will be released on the Elections Show throughout the week. This time, the Candidates were tasked with sourcing essential items for their campaigns, but at the lowest possible price…


Tomorrow, we welcome to candidates for Education into the studio. Make sure you tune into URN between 6-7 tomorrow to hear the action!