Elections 2015: Sutton Bonington Question Time

11th March 2015

On Tuesday 10th March, The Pulse headed down to the fiercest question time of the year, on Sutton Bonington campus, to find out how the candidates would deal with the student’s questions.

Our presenting team of Meg, Rhiannon and Sam posed questions to the candidates that you, the students, wanted asking and commentated on how they felt the evening was going.

They also caught up with Jake Richards, chair of the SB Guild:

The team then reflected on how important they felt it was candidates were put through Question Times, and what they would be considering throughout the evening:


The Presidential candidates were put through their paces, with the panelists talking about whether sexual consent classes should be compulsory and outlining how they would work with the SB Guild if elected to office:


The crowd at Sutton Bonington tested out the Education Officer candidates, asking about how they would support the students on satellite campuses and deal with lecture captures in future:


The five Equal Opportunities and Welfare candidates who turned up dealt with a number of questions on how they would seek to support students and their needs if elected to office:


Opinions were divided amongst the Activites candidates on issues on societies and how they should behave when representing the University:


The Sports Candidates were questioned on issues concerning participation, in particular for LGBT students, as students continued to ask questions that mattered to them:


Those running for Community faced lengthy questioning, with concerns raised over how they would engage students politically following the election:


The Postgraduate Officer Candidates were questioned on how they would better represent the concerns of those on campuses other than University Park:

It was a very enjoyable evening down at Sutton Bonington Question Time, as the candidates were grilled on a wide array of issues. The Pulse has been questioning all of the candidates over the course of the week, and will bring you all of the elections news right up until results night!